How The Amon Card Helps You In 5 Everyday Situations

Jan 16, 2018

Let’s face it, like hundreds of millions of other people around the world chances are you own a debit card. Paying for goods and services with debit cards in stores and online is the norm by now, while cash is on its way out. Estimates are that the total number of non-cash payments in the EU increased by 8.5% to 122 billion in 2016. Similar trends are taking place in America and Asia.

At the same time, cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming an integral part of the world economy. The market cap of all cryptocurrencies recently broke the $750 BLN barrier, up from less than $100 BLN only a year ago. Bitcoin itself, the “emperor” of the crypto world, has a market value of more than $300 BLN and has increased in value 20-fold in the last 12 months alone. More and more retailers globally are accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, and the number of crypto debit cards is rising.

The Amon Card aims to be the most innovative, technologically advanced and user-friendly crypto debit card on the market. To understand why the Amon Card is unique, here are 5 everyday situations where its special features can benefit you:

1) You are invested in cryptocurrencies but keep most of your portfolio in Bitcoin. You do not check the crypto market every day, but regularly follow the value of Bitcoin. You can choose to pay with the Amon card with Bitcoin as a default payment option, simplifying your buying decisions.

2) You own a selection of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether and Amon tokens. You follow closely the crypto market. You choose what cryptocurrency to use with your Amon Card each time you buy something, based on your own personal parameters.

3) You select to use the Amon Artificial Intelligence System (AAIS), which calculates the best performing cryptocurrency in your wallet at the time of payment. This helps optimize your spending decisions and saves you money on purchases, each time.

4) You have different cryptocurrencies in your Amon Card portfolio and you want to make money on your balance. Unlike any other crypto card, Amon allows you to earn interest on selected cryptocurrencies that operate masternode systems. Your interest is paid out regularly, offering you a source of continuous passive income.

5) You are interested in adding more and more cryptocurrencies to your portfolio, both for investment and to use them for purchases with your Amon Card. Amon will be adding more cryptocurrencies to the portfolio with upcoming releases, allowing you to manage your purchases with full flexibility.

The Amon Card is about to revolutionize the crypto economy — for good. Our demo in November of 2017 was successfully completed, setting the basis for our ICO in Q1 2018. We are currently launching the Amon pre-ICO token sale. To be part of it, sign up now to our whitelist at www.Amon.Tech and gain exclusive access to invest in the token sale. In addition, you will also receive an Amon Mastercard — for FREE.