TokenDesk is a direct token marketplace for FIAT and cryptocurrency crowdfunding, giving investors technical solution to purchase Initial Coin Offerings Tokens in a faster, safer and more reliable way. TokenDesk aims to simplify the purchasing process by providing a single platform where all ICOs are listed in one place, as well as offering necessary information and expert‘s help to evaluate the ICOs.

TokenDesk platform allows users to purchase the tokens directly via a One-Click Payment integrated software solution by using single wallet instead of many different ones. Investors will be able to acquire tokens not only by paying with cryptocurrencies, but also through bank transfers or credit cards. TokenDesk integrated wallet solution will become the main tool not only for acknowledged investors, but also for those who have a lack of technical knowledge and still want to participate in ICO industry.

Also, TokenDesk offers a crowdsale solution which is an integrated payment gateway, built on blockchain technology, with the aim to simplify ICO crowd-funding process management. The main feature that makes this solution unique is the possibility for any ICO to accept FIAT and 60+ crypto currencies instantly without any coding. The solution has been successfully implemented to over 20 ICOs already for their crowd-funding campaigns.

The stages of the TokenDesk platform development:

ALPHA version

It was launched in the middle of November, 2017. This version have basic features, such as various ICO categorization options like TOP10 ICOs, separation by industry and other. They will be added along the process of development.

All ICOs launched on TokenDesk platform will have clearly shown structure of their teams, market capital gain expectations, token value measurements as well as other important information. All this will allow to make investment decisions with more confidence. All important data is going to be within the reach of a few clicks.

Also, there will be dedicated advertising space for every business which express the desire to get more highlights on TokenDesk.

BETA version

In addition to the mentioned features which range will be widely expanded over time, the Beta version will have:

Integrated direct Altcoin payments

Integrated FIAT payments

Integrated exchange

Token secondary market

The platform will include a variety of security measures to protect your tokens.

One of the most important function will be the possibility to purchase tokens directly.

The Beta version will be launched in April, 2018.

FUTURE developments

All the features that you will discover (and most likely – more) will be implemented with care up until the end of 2018. TokenDesk won’t simply stop when the desired functionality is reached, our team will continue to innovate and introduce superb new solutions to enable more and more people to join the club of ICO investors.

Mobile application for our most progressive platform will also be introduced along the way. All this and more make sure that we will always remain the most innovative ICO platform on the market. TokenDesk will release the mobile app platform for Android and iOS on 01.04.2019.

Useful links:

TOKEN DESK ICO : https://ico.tokendesk.io/
TOKEN DESK SMART CONTRACT : https://github.com/TokenDesk/TDS