Insights (Weekend)

May 21, 2018

Political candidates in Colorado could soon accept Bitcoin or other digital currencies for their campaigns. Secretary of State Wayne Williams made the proposal for allowing donations of cryptocurrencies in political campaigns in draft rules presented on May 16.

Donations in crypto would be treated as cash donations, the value being determined at the time of donation. According to the Denver Post, Colorado is likely to follow the FEC’s designation of cryptocurrency being an in-kind donation, which would return or refund contributions back to the donators if the value of the donated cryptocurrency exceeds the aggregate limit.

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Major U.S. cryptocurrency exchange and wallet Coinbase spoke to the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) about obtaining a federal banking charter.

A spokesperson for Coinbase declined to comment on the meeting to the WSJ, but added that the company is “committed to working closely with state and federal regulators to ensure we are properly licensed for the products and services we offer.”

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The Transport Minister of Malta has announced a partnership with UK middleware blockchain startup Omnitude to improve the Maltese Public Transport Service. 


Malta’s Transport Minister Ian Borg said that the partnership between Omnitude and the Maltese transport system to create a transport and logistics blockchain platform will “develop overall improvements in transport reliability.”

CEO and founder of Omnitude Chris Painter said that they “look forward to working with the Maltese Government to explore the capabilities of Omnitude’s broad based blockchain ecosystem:”

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